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Creating your own adventure simply means that you’re tailoring your life to suit your preferences. But often times we feel the weight of guilt on our shoulders for wanting to live a tailor-made life.

For instance, in some settings we’re made out to be socially deviant for wanting to work from home instead of in an office.

Have you longed to tailor life to your own preferences?  

What’s holding you back? It’s possible that one of the seven mindsets listed below prevent you from creating your own adventure.

Whether your adventure translates into location independence, frequent travels, working from home, starting a business, or any other goal, but you feel held back, I have also suggested ways to counter these seven mental blocks.


Here are 7 Mindsets that Prevent You from Creating Your Own Adventure


1. “I’m too old.” (or too young)

Really? Is there an age limit on your goal? How old was Colonel Sanders when he opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise? Go ahead; look it up. I’ll wait.  

He was 62 years old!

Yep, he was practically a senior citizen when he chose to pursue his dream.

I know of a female body builder, Wendy Ida, who began training in her forties. She is now in her sixties and looks far younger.

But what if you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum? What if you feel as though you’re too young to create your own adventure?

Just as it’s never too late, it’s never too early, either. I just learned that singer Hillary Scott was 14 years old when she decided to pursue music as a professional career. Beyonce was what? Nine? I’m not sure, but she was young, too.  

Your interests are your interests for a reason. Don’t allow age to restrict you in any way.


2. “I’m scared.”

Fear is a HUGE mental block.

We fear that we won’t have all the answers. Or we fear that resistance means we never should have tried in the first place.

But fear is nothing but a bully. Imagine that one kid from elementary or high school that you never wanted to see coming – that’s “Fear, the bully,” but it doesn’t have the right to paralyze you. It doesn’t have the right to taunt you.

Fear keeps us stuck in the same place. As if we’re standing in quicksand, fear causes us to slowly sink into mental gunk until we become immobile and eventually catatonic.

We can’t move, think, or breathe. We simply go along with life, unfulfilled.

But anything can happen anywhere, so you don’t have to fear living in a camper because a vehicle can be stolen out of your driveway just as easily as it can be stolen out of an RV park.

Your business might fail, but you will have learned enough to start a new one. And you keep starting over applying what you’ve learned to the next venture.  

Don’t allow fear to bully you into living a small life.

If fear is preventing you from taking steps towards your goals, I suggest reading the book, “Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield. It can help you tackle this mindset.


3. “I’m uneducated”

Hmmm, nope, you don’t get away with this one, either. If you are reading this post then you or someone you know has access to the Internet.

You can find information for days. You can learn how to start a business. You can learn how to build a tiny house. You can earn a degree online, and so on.

There is always a solution. If you aren’t already familiar with your learning style, take a quiz to discover how you learn.  And then go forth…  

  • Do you learn best alone or in groups?
  • Do you get the most out of videos or reading materials?
  • Might you need a hands-on experience?

Don’t allow your current circumstance to determine your future. If you have a goal that requires more education, there is a solution. You may have to patiently pursue it to avoid making desperate choices – because those rarely work out well – but your journey is yours; you’re not racing against the clock.

You may find that you don’t need any further education. In that case, give yourself the freedom to go forward without limiting yourself to the assumption that you need more education.



4. “I have no money.”

Whenever you pursue a goal, you won’t ever have all you need up front. Never.

Ask anyone you know who has surpassed the odds. Don’t know anyone personally? Watch or listen to interviews of successful individuals you admire (based on your definition of success).

A common statement many of them make is that you won’t have everything you need up front. It’s the, take the first step and the staircase will appear phenomenon.

You have to take steps in the direction you want to go before you know which step to take next.

And this often means that you start with little to no money.

You may have to start “scrappy” but start…and keep going.

A great read for this mindset would be “Start Where You Are” by Christopher Garner. And if you don’t have money to buy it, you can likely find it at your local library – that’s how I read it.

P. S. I just read an ebook that explains how to travel and live a location-independent lifestyle on just $20 a day. You can read my review of it here.



5. “What will my family and friends think?”

Who cares? Really, who cares? I don’t mean to sound callous, but I think we place WAY too much emphasis on how others will react to us answering our heart’s call.

Wouldn’t it feel far worse to make it to the end of your life steeped in regret than to endure disapproving looks and comments from family and friends?  

Follow your heart.


6. “I’m tied to my job.”

You don’t have to be. If you want to live a location independent lifestyle (which is completely optional and not required in order to create your own adventure), you’ve got options.  And now more than ever!

You can search for remote job offerings, build an online business, start a blog – you’ve got options. If possible or necessary, begin exploring those options while working.

A few hours a day early in the morning, in evenings, or on the weekends can go a long way in creating a new lifestyle for yourself.

I’ve been slowly building and rebuilding skills to help me create a digital nomad lifestyle as well, so you are not alone.



7. “This is just a crazy idea!”

Who says? Is this what your heart, mind, or gut is telling you? Or, is this what you have been conditioned to believe? The latter of the two is more likely the case.

We tend to create mental blocks when attempting to carry out goals and actions that aren’t socially normative.

But don’t you have the right to pursue what your heart desires over what society tells you is what’s best? (Granted you’re not hurting yourself or others)

Don’t you want to at least test your own personal theories about what life might be like if you were to… [fill in the blank]?  

If so, then go for it. Conquer your mindsets and pursue what you really want from life. Create your own adventure!


Are Any of These Mindsets Holding You Back?

What mindsets are holding you back? Can you relate to the ones listed above? How do you plan to move forward from here?


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