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Here I share thoughts on nurturing a creative journey, creating pattern designs, building an online business, life balance, and transitioning into a nomadic lifestyle.

Would you like to give your creative business a boost, but are unsure of what step to take next? Sometimes it is hard to wade through the sea of information available online. How do you know if it is worth the investment? Which solution would best fit your creative business? Answers to these questions are within your reach. In this post I will share four courses I have taken to help reframe my mindset, and
A Holiday Gift Guide for Van Dwellers
Do you know a van dweller or someone preparing for van life? Here you can find a holiday gift guide for van dwellers. I’ve included items that I have used or come highly recommended by full-time van dwellers.   Gift Ideas for New Van Dwellers   How to Transition into Van Dwelling This book offers great detail about adopting van life on $20 a day. I’ve interacted with the author online, and he’s very responsive
Fitagain Cafe Krakow by Ostap Senyuk on Unsplash In one week and two days many Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. For some this is a joyous event, an opportunity to reunite with family and friends. But for others, those that might find themselves alone this Thanksgiving, this day may not bring such thoughts of joyous anticipation. But if you are alone this Thanksgiving, you don’t have to feel lonely. Spending Thanksgiving alone is the perfect opportunity
Image Source: It all started with a zippered hoodie that I could no longer zip. I could see my van life dream fading in the distance due to an inability to let go of things I could no longer use. My zipper was broken. The hoodie no longer functioned the way it was meant to, and yet I continued to hold on to it. But why? I wondered… Would discarding it make me wasteful?
Image Source: Is your dream adventure starting an online business? Or do you feel that an online shop can help you live a nomadic lifestyle? If you have design skills and don’t mind learning how to market an online business, you may want to consider opening up an online store. And before you begin to think about where you’ll store inventory, shipping supplies, and production supplies, allow me to introduce you to Printful fulfillment.