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Would you like to give your creative business a boost, but are unsure of what step to take next?

Sometimes it is hard to wade through the sea of information available online. How do you know if it is worth the investment? Which solution would best fit your creative business?

Answers to these questions are within your reach. In this post I will share four courses I have taken to help reframe my mindset, and to redefine and restructure my creative business.

If you seek immediate results, this post will be unhelpful. But if you are willing to take long-term calculated steps towards improving your creative business, I invite you to read on.

Where Can You Find Theses Courses?

I took the four courses I am sharing today on

CreativeLive is an online community that offers classes taught by professionals who are fully engaged in their fields.

Over ten million students have completed CreativeLive courses related to:

  • Photo & Video
  • Art & Design
  • Music & Audio
  • Craft & Maker
  • Money & Life

But regardless of your niche, the courses I mention below are broad enough for you to tailor to your business need because the CreativeLive mission is to, “Champion creators to live their dreams.” If your dream is to build your creative business on a strong foundation, these four courses increase the possibility of that happening.

How Does CreativeLive Work?

There are three primary ways to access CreativeLive courses:

  1. Live Classes – All classes are taped and broadcast live. They are freely accessible during their live recording. In-studio audience and online viewers can ask questions throughout the recording and during the Q&A session at the end.
  2. On-Air Classes – You can learn for free every day on CreativeLive through class replays.  Replays are usually accessible for 24-hours, but you will not have access to any supplemental materials, like PDFs made available by the instructor.
  3. On Demand Classes – Sometime after the recording ends, it is made available for purchase online. This allows students to follow a course at their own pace instead of blocking out time to watch the full class live or as a free replay. With this option, you would also gain access to bonus materials.

P.S. On-Air class offerings vary by day. Check Out CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes

Boost Your Creative Business with these 4 Courses

Image Source: CreativeLive

Recorded Length:

  • Approximately 4.5 hours

Number of Lessons:

  • 29

Supplemental Materials:

  • Presentation slides
  • Resource guide

Dina’s class offers useful, actionable information that is not readily accessible online or in the traditional classroom setting.

Using Letter Shoppe case studies and personal experience as a freelance business owner, Dina shares a generous amount of information on how she’s made a profitable business out of her hand lettering.

Dina explains how to gain followers and interest in your work so that the sales will begin to stream in almost immediately after you put your products up for sale.

But more importantly, she demonstrates how to prepare your products for sale and position them in a way that attracts more customers to your website.

Additional topics include focusing your work flow, pricing your work, licensing options, and then ways to scale up over time.

Depending on where you are in your creative business journey, you may want to spend a few weeks to a few months working through one course lesson at a time.

Brand Your Creative Business

Taught by: Megan Auman

Brand Your Creative Business with Megan Auman
Image Source: CreativeLive

Recorded Length:

  • Approximately 10 hours

Number of Lessons:

  • 22

Supplemental Materials:

  • Branding bibliography
  • Resource guide
  • DIY photography resources

Additional materials available at any enrollment level:

  • Syllabus
  • Course workbook

Megan Auman distills brand terminology and misconceptions into a digestible format for creative business owners.

Primarily using her business to illustrate branding concepts, I found that it was also very helpful to witness Megan guiding audience members in the process of rebranding throughout the course.

Megan places a lot of emphasis on understanding the manner in which potential customers can connect to your brand.  She expounds on three primary emotional responses your products evoke and how to hone in on those emotions to form a more lasting connection with your patrons.

What I found most helpful was a phrase she used to help structure your product lineup in a consistent, yet authentic manner.

After completing this course you will likely feel less like you’ve been force-fed branding concepts and more like you have a clearer vision for your own brand.

Build a Successful Creative Blog

Taught by: April Bowles-Olin
Build a Successful Creative Blog by April Bowles-Olin
Image Source: CreativeLive

Recorded Length:

  • Approximately 15 hours

Number of Lessons:

  • 26

Supplemental Materials:

  • Syllabus
  • Course workbook
  • Resource guide

For some reason earning a living from a blog still seems like an unrealistic goal for most people. But April makes it clear that you can carve out your own unique space in the interweb and build a flourishing online business.

If you have read any blog post or completed any class about blogging, I am sure that it involved an activity suggesting that you write with one ideal reader in mind. April makes the same suggestion, but her approach to creating a reader avatar presented as a clearer and more obtainable goal for me.

She really helps you drill down to the essence of your reader avatar and also demonstrates how to connect with your ideal reader.

This course truly covers all bases from creating content from an authentic place, sourcing photographs, lending your preexisting gifts to blog tasks, and blog-life balance.

Craft Photography Fundamentals

Taught by: Candace Stringham
Craft Photography Fundamentals by Candace Stringham
Image Source: CreativeLive

Recorded Length:

  • Approximately 9.5 hours

Number of Lessons:

  • 38

Supplemental Materials:

  • Presentation slides
  • Assignment: Creating Visuals for Your Brand
  • Presentation Slides
  • Prop list

Appearance matters, whether it should or not. Product photography can make or break a business and Candace offers strong foundational tips on how to take branded product photos. Even if you do not own a DSLR or iPhone, I think that you can learn a lot from this class.

All of Candace’s studio demonstrations involve her DSLR or iPhone, but I do not own either, and I was still able to apply her tips to my photos.

Her tips will require practice if you are not an experienced photographer, but you will walk away from this class with a better understanding of lighting, composition, and incorporating cohesive brand elements into your photographs.

Candace offers studio demonstrations for all of her stylistic suggestions, inclusive of preparing and setting up props. This way you are given a first-hand demonstration of how to conduct a craft photoshoot in your own home.

In Closing

CreativeLive classes are taught by practitioners whose instruction enhances information you may have read in a textbook or learned from other sources.

Their professional experiences paired with live and/or recorded demonstrations or case studies offer exceptional insight into the given subject matter.

If none of the classes above appeal to you, there are always CreativeLive promotions that can help you get a sense of any class prior to enrolling or watching the on-air version.






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