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Do you know a van dweller or someone preparing for van life? Here you can find a holiday gift guide for van dwellers.

I’ve included items that I have used or come highly recommended by full-time van dwellers.


Gift Ideas for New Van Dwellers


How to Transition into Van Dwelling

This book offers great detail about adopting van life on $20 a day. I’ve interacted with the author online, and he’s very responsive (which proves you can be a van dweller and maintain an online business).

Read my book review, here.



e-Reader for Van Dwellers

This is a very practical gift for van dwellers. Any Kindle Reader will help van dwellers to continue to read while on the road without the additional weight of physical books.

By the way, feel free to read my post on how I’ve begun the process of letting go of weighty objects in preparation for van dwelling.


Personal Hygiene Essentials for Van Dwellers

There’s no way I’m hitting the road without one of these! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. A portable toilet prevents the hunt for a decent public toilet in the middle of the night. Your van dweller will LOVE you for this one.

As a woman, I can’t imagine traveling without the option of a backup shower.

Your van dweller likely won’t rely on a solar or portable shower for all hygienic needs, but having this option while boondocking, would be great.

Tools to Help Earn Income on the Road

Solar panels can help van dwellers complete home office work while on the road.

Some van dwellers strongly suggest that they’re unnecessary, others assert that they wouldn’t want to be on the road without them.

I’ve decided to test both theories for myself by starting out with portable solar panels.
This way, no unnecessary objects would be mounted to the top of my van, and I won’t take up much space while determining whether I should transition to mounted panels.

*Always check for compatibility when using any type of charging system.

In Closing

This is a short gift guide including van essentials to get your favorite van dweller started, or to help make his or her life a little easier while out there on the road.


Have you used of gifted any of these suggestions? If so, how did it work out?

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