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Last Minute Gift Alternatives for Artists Short on Time

Last Minute Gift Alternatives

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Last Minute Gift Alternatives
Are you the type of artist who loves to give personalized paintings to family and friends on special occasions?

Me too. But are you as short on time this year as I am? I have been finding it difficult to juggle responsibilities as well as make creative gifts. My mom’s birthday is in the same month as Mother’s day, so my aunt’s birthday in May – and she’s a mother – that’s four personalized gifts right there.

Not to mention graduations, extended family birthdays and so on.

It is challenging to walk into a store and purchase a gift when there’s so much in your heart that you would prefer to pour out onto a canvas or watercolor paper.

But there are times when it is simply impossible to create a gift for everyone on every special occasion, especially when there are so many close together.

Enter Minted Art.

For this year’s Mother’s Day and birthdays, I think it would be fair for me to at least consider purchasing art by a fellow creative.

I’ve got my eye on this special Mother’s Day collection.

Their artwork can be printed with or without a border, framed with an option for matting, or float mounted. You can also find limited edition options.

So, will I squeeze in additional painting time or try out Minted Art? I will let you know what I decide, but I think Minted Art is definitely a possibility!

Have you purchased Minted Art before?

I am interested in learning more about that experience. If you have a minute, please share your experience in the comments section below!

Minted's Limited Edition Art Prints
Last Minute Gift Alternatives

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