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Speed Drawing of Two Peony Blooms | Video Tutorial

Draw Peony Blooms - Speed Drawing Video Tutorial

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Draw Peony Blooms - Speed Drawing Video Tutorial
Watching other artists draw and paint has been extremely helpful for me as I have relearned how to draw and paint. So I thought that it might help others to observe my drawing process as well.

I plan to begin uploading more tips and tutorials related to sketchbooks, drawing, and painting. If you find them helpful or have suggestions, please comment below.

Today’s video tutorial is a speed drawing video of two peonies. I draw a common peony, and a Japanese tree peony with a Sakura Micron pen, #02. To preserve my pen nibs, I use smooth, heavyweight copy paper. Resource links are below.

While editing the video, I noticed that it would help for me to zoom in so that you can see the process in more detail, so I will keep that in mind going forward.

Here’s the video:
Video resources:

Both drawings were referenced from this book:
Treasury of Flower Designs for Artist, Embroiders & Craftsmen: 100 Garden Favorites by Susan Gaber

Here are the materials used to complete these peony line drawings:


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